A Look Back at the Origin of the Japanese Samurai

In almost every society, there is a class or group of people that is believed to have been extraordinary in certain ways. Due to this phenomenon, the group would become notorious, famous or both famous and notorious at the same time. Japan happens to have had and experienced the impact of such a group. The Japanese Samurai, a professional class of warriors, ruled the Feudal Japan from 1192-1868. During this period, their population rose by two percent; from 10%-12%. It is regarded as the most famous and largest class of warriors in the country.

Tales have been there and will continue prevailing. According to some tales, single swordsmen could fight and beat huge numbers of enemies at a go. Tales aside, let’s look at the reality. Ittosai, Yagyu and Musashi were famous swordsmen whose acts and exploits are noted in the annals of Japanese history. Each one of them once faced a number of opponents. Besides surviving the battles, they were able to vanquish their opponents during the fierce encounters. When all these amazing feats are combined with the personal fighting record of Musashi, there is every reason to remember the Japanese Samurai. The rich history of Japan recognizes them as the best swordsmen of all time. In this case, there is no tale at all. Without mincing words, they deserve a round of applause and a standing ovation for what they did.

Majority of those who faithfully followed the way of the sword without diverting did not expect to die at a ripe age. In fact, most of them did not make it to old age. They died, prematurely, if that is the right word. The three heroes already mentioned above, regardless of the battles and duels they engaged in, did not die by the sword; they died a natural death. These three men were founders of their own schools where martial arts were prioritized. They sharpened their fighting skills by engaging opponents in the countryside. By fine-tuning their skills time and again, they remained on top of the game.

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