Faux Food Products that are Part of Our Lives

In the Orient, fake food are much in use. They once upon a time served a different need than the one they are serving today. It still serves the original need but has found much more space in people’s lives owing to their popularity. Ever dreamt of possessing food shaped erasers?

Imagine a burger and a sandwich that you can use to turn your school mates jealous. They are so attractive that anyone would want to possess them. The origin of this trend can be traced back to using Japanese food models or plastic foods items for display in restaurant menus. Sampuru as they are called made business grow for restaurateurs. It did away with the need for any translation and guesswork. These plastic food replicas cost a huge amount and restaurants use them repetitively until the menu changes. In that sense, they are an investment worth making for the hotel owner. That however, translates to lower income for those who make these models. Since these models last a lifetime, it makes business slow for those who are into the art of creating and selling these items.

Businesses cannot sustain only on the basis of selling food models to restaurants and hotels. They need to expand to other avenues. This led to them finding other ways such as selling travel souvenirs and making erasers out of food-shaped pieces.

Using plastic foods reduces wastage that hotel owners have to incur when using real food to display in the glass windows. Curtailment of cost was possible through use of plastic foods. Similarly, when travelers go back home and need to carry memories of their trip of Japan, the land of the rising sun, they take back smaller version of these fake foods. These come in the form of key chains, magnets etc that look pretty, attractive and fun.

These items not only can be used in daily life, they can be ordered for gifting too. Imagine delicious looking faux food soaps that can be gifted to both adults and kids. They will be over-joyed at receiving such novelty gift items. It is not only creative but so attractive looking.

Since the items turned popular, they are now available for ordering from websites such as http://fakefoodjapan.com/. This website offers several such novelty items and continue to add to their collection.

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